Weddings at Latonia Baptist Church

We are glad to help people celebrate the joy of Christian marriage. Of course we provide weddings for our members, but we also work with non-members who do not have a church home. If you are not a member, please bear these facts in mind:

Any wedding we do will be a Christian service of worship.  Our ministers reserve the right to decide whether or not to participate in your wedding. This will be decided after an initial meeting with you.  There are additional costs for non-members for building use. All the other costs are the same as for members.  Every couple is required to have premarital counseling. Generally there will be three sessions plus a wedding-planning session. If you live outside the area, you may have counseling done where you live and have a letter sent to us certifying that you have received premarital counseling.  In general, an LBC minister must officiate at the wedding unless we have given permission for a pastor from a sister Baptist church to use our facilities. Occasionally exceptions may be made for ministers of other traditions, but the minister must meet with the pastor of Latonia Baptist prior to approval.

Rules about the use of our building:

  • Make your reservation as early as possible. Call the Church Secretary.
  • No smoking inside the building.
  • No alcoholic beverages on church grounds including parking lot.
  • Food can be brought into the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen for a reception (additional rental and cleanup fee) but not into the sanctuary.
  • Wedding music should be appropriate for Christian worship.
  • During the ceremony itself (not including processional and recessional) no flash photography is permitted, and photographers are to be unobtrusive.

Rental charges for non-members:

  • $100 for Chapel—seats up to 150
  • $200 for Sanctuary—seats up to 400
  • $100 for Fellowship Hall—for receptions; seats up to 120 at tables

Services we provide:

  • Minister for counseling, rehearsal, and ceremony--$250
  • Custodian--$60 for Chapel, $100 for Sanctuary
  • Wedding Coordinator—$100—This is a church member who opens up, runs the rehearsal and the ceremony, then locks up. She will meet with bride several weeks before the wedding. Candelabra and candles are available from her for $0.75 each.
  • Organist--$125. We cannot guarantee that the church organist will be available. You will need to contact one of our regular organists soon after your reservation is made for the building. You are welcome to bring in your own organist or pianist, although outside organists need an orientation on our organ.
  • Video Recording—Donation. Volunteers in our TV Ministry may be able to provide video recording services from our broadcast-quality cameras if given enough notice.

Fees should be paid to the church one week before the wedding.

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